Team Information

  • Designation: Director of Development

Daniel Reighter prides himself on his winning and go-getter mentality that has propelled him to heights of success in his career and personal life over the years. Daniel’s affinity for and exposure to the construction industry began at the age of 19 years. He has steadily worked his way up the corporate ladder and established an impressive professional track record. Daniel Reighter brings to MID Construction a broad range of construction experience, including sales, distribution, product management, project management, and leadership. He has gained and honed skills in planning, problem-solving, negotiation, risk management, and organization. Daniel brings a hands-on and creative approach to every project, working tirelessly to ensure that the clients’ needs, and requirements are met. His clients appreciate his efficiency and exceptional communication and time management skills. Daniel is passionate about helping his clients achieve their building and property development goals. He is innovative, analytical, and strategic in his execution. Daniel has worked and facilitated million-dollar deals with top industry players including, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Kaiser.