About MID

Our commercial and multifamily division has grown from renovations and maintenance that serviced unit turnovers, move in/move out and general maintenance, to now handling ground-up construction, multifamily development, commercial and retail renovations, structural and other large scale projects.

With a current workforce of over 200+ workers, MID Construction performs quality work on a tight budget and works tirelessly to hit deadlines every time.


Our staff includes account management, sales, estimation, bid takeoff, sourcing and purchasing of material, in-house architects, engineers, foreman, specialized tradesman, including HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, painters and more.

MID Construction Group keeps its price competitive by rarely utilizing subcontractors, and by self-performing virtually all of its work. We are the rare company that is both a General Contractor and Subcontractor, so you get the benefits of a GC at Sub pricing!

Why Mid Construction?

Experienced Team

The leadership team at MID consists of veterans in the construction industry. Our management and advisory board has been intimately involved in building many of Los Angeles's most recognized and beloved buildings, and have collectively been involved in many hundreds of local construction and development projects.


As a vertically integrated company, MID has a large talent pool, including general labor, plumbers, painters, electricians, and more. Our approximately 150 person in-house crew gives us an unparalleled advantage in an environment of rising construction costs and decreasing availability of skilled labor.

Local Knowledge

MID knows the local market exceptionally well. A large majority of our projects are located in the Greater Los Angeles area, giving us an in depth knowledge of the area, access to the most qualified subcontractors when needed, and important local relationships with the city to get things done efficiently.

Our Team

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